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The Deer Camp has a full line of bows, archery equipment, supplies and a full service bow and fletching shop. Listed below are the most popular brands we carry.


Matthews ChillSince its inception in 1992, and starting with single cam technology, Mathews has been responsible for a multitude of innovations that have not only enhanced performance by quantum leaps, but have also reduced complexity.

By reducing complexity, Mathews has been able to build more efficient bows. Everyone is looking for more efficiency, from fuel-efficient cars to the computers we work on everyday, we all strive to do more with less. Mathews strives for the same thing. With a Mathews bow in your hand, you are shooting a bow that offers more power with less draw weight than other bows. From efficient cams to smooth-drawing angler roller guards, Mathews is constantly advancing bow technology and trying to do more with less which results in lighter, smoother, and faster bows that are more user-friendly than ever before. The word efficient might not mean much to you now but the next time you find yourself hunting in a blizzard and your muscles are as stiff as a board as you try to pull your bow back, or as old age creeps up on you and you desire a lower poundage bow that delivers plenty of knockdown power, the word efficient will mean everything to you!

PSE Archery


PSE bows have taken more world record game than all other bow companies combined. This section is dedicated to the world’s best bowhunters and the world’s best hunting bows.

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